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Pure water straight from Lahemaa National Park

We draw water from the cleanest place - our well is located in the Lahemaa National Park, which is a state-protected ecosystem. Nature is protected and preserved from human activities, and vehicular traffic is prohibited outside some public roads.

We are happy to show everyone the location of our well, because we can say with a clear conscience that we offer clean and natural underground water with natural minerals. Water goes into a bottle with a natural mineral composition - we do not particularly clean it, we do not add artificial minerals or other additives to the water. From Lahemaa, real water comes to you, which helps your body maintain vitality.

Health and beauty in crystal clear water

We believe that you are what you eat and drink. To be healthy and energetic in today's world, we must be careful with what we put in our mouths. Clean water is the most important thing the body needs for health and vitality, and we want to do our part to ensure that all people have access to life-saving crystal clear water.

Many water producers are hard at work treating their water with chlorine and other chemicals. Thus, a transparent product enters the bottle, which in reality bears little resemblance to natural pure water. In addition, as a result of such a cleaning process, tons of waste are generated, which then inevitably pollute nature.

Hea Vesi delivers water from a deep well, right to you. As in the grandmother's dacha - pure spring water beats with an incredibly clean and refreshing taste. What would you think if your grandmother sprinkled bleach before drinking water and waited for the cloudy water to clear up.

We care about ecological lifestyle

Today everyone knows about the ecological lifestyle. We contribute to a pollution-free world by ensuring that water consumption does not create excess containers or accumulate plastic. We keep our containers in circulation for a long time - we deliver water at a convenient time for you, and we pick up empty containers for reuse.

Easy ordering, fast delivery

Ordering water is very easy, delivery is fast. To make the order convenient, we use all the possibilities that modern technologies offer - you can do it with a couple of clicks on your smartphone, and it may happen that when you order in the evening, you already have it in the morning. .

We know that you like stylish things.

We also thought about making the water drinking equipment look stylish in your interior. There are several models with different designs to choose from, which will fit perfectly into a variety of rooms. The new Slim Cool units are also energy efficient as no unnecessary water heating system is connected to them.

We support a healthy lifestyle

As healthy lifestyle fanatics, we also support various sporting events. If you are organizing a competitive race or any other sporting event, send us an email and we will agree on how clean water can refresh your event.

Stay healthy and drink clean water!